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Saturday, February 5th, 2010
Doors at 10:00pm /Show at 11:00pm
Price: $5

Dragon's Den
435 Esplanade
New Orleans, LA

February 5th performers:

Bocafloja(Mexico City, Mexico/San Francisco, CA)
Bocafloja (born in Coyoacán, Mexico City in 1978). MC, poet, and panelist with five solo albums released and one book published. Bocafloja is a pioneer of the utilization of hip hop culture as an alternative tool to create awareness and political participation in Mexico and one of the most recognized hip hop icons in Latin America. The artist is both founder and member of the Quilomboarte Collective. Bocafloja currently lives in the United States.
Bocafloja on MySpace

Riders Against the Storm(Providence, RI/Austin, TX)
Riders Against the Storm (RAS) come bringing greetings of divine love and power. After several years of performing as local (Providence, RI) solo artists on the theatrical and performance stage, Tiger Lily and Jbro came together in the summer of 2003 to create music together. The duo has been working hard over the last two years to manifest music and poetry that reflects a spirit of resistance to the prevalent and dominant “storm” of music and art that exists today. “Riding Against the Storm” means to break free or fight against whatever mainstream media and culture offers the masses today. Through music and performance the duo hopes to not only inform, but also to uplift and create spaces where atrocities against people of the African Diaspora can begin to heal; A healing that can manifest itself through remembering the past, exposing lies, expressing emotion, and resisting self-hatred.
Riders Against the Storm on Myspace
Infinito2017(Chicago, IL/Memphis, TN)
Given the attribute “Infinito” by his partner in the group Unorthodox Poet Society—Mr. Skurge— Marcellous Lovelace is an emcee embodies Black self-love, and awareness in his compositions. Infinito is known for a dynamic and engaging stage show, and he has over 50 completed albums to his credit.
Infinito2017 on MySpace
Marcel P. Black(Ardmore, AL/Baton Rouge, LA)
From the pulpits and street corners of Ardmore, OK comes Bryan Marcel Williams, aka “Marcel P. Black.” Once a member of an underground hip hop collective, Black ventured out into solo territories and has been on a steady mission to revolutionize the way you think of, listen to, and view Hip Hop music. Though inspired by multiple musical genres and great emcees, Black's greatest influence as a Hip Hop artist can be found within himself. An ever evolving entity, Marcel P. Black at one time or another has been a misguided soul influenced by gang culture, an athlete, a band geek, a militant and a mentor but at all times has been authentically a man, authentically him.
Marcel P. Black on MySpace
Jon Mercure( New Orleans, LA)
Jon Mercure(mer-cue-ree), aka “Merc,” is New Orleans native that emerged on the Hip Hop scene around 2000. With his crew—Illdren—Merc was known to visit, and most times dominate, rap ciphers across the city. Today, as a more mature artist focused on recording and releasing classic music, he demonstrates the same passion he did some 10 years ago. He is affiliated with Inner Recess Studio.
Jon Mercure on MySpace
Juskwam(Nashville, TN/Houston, TX/New Orleans, LA)
Juskwam is a prolific emcee born in Nashville, TN, and raised in Houston, TX in an era when hip hop was in it’s formative and early expansion stages. Juskwam has been developing his emcee craft, recording and performing in front of audiences since 1989. He grew up listening to Run-DMC, The Fat Boys, Rakim, LL Cool J, KRS-ONE, The Beastie Boys, Grand Master Flash and the like to name a few. First in 1990 was with a group called ‘Legacy’ in Houston. He has been working with, producer and DJ, Dubla for years. Together they figured out the mix – some very “ill” lyrics tweaked with some butter beats with a dose of consciousness. Two A-alikes (similar beings) that run the underground, they call it… Twen Bumbs!
Juskwam on MySpace
Paasky(New Orleans)
Paasky(pronounced Pask-eye) got his start as a performer as a member of the Trifecta collective. After doing many openings and releasing a collection of mixtapes, Paasky’s group, Paasky and Sanchez become well known in the region. He now a part of the Fly Tracks crew.
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"GRASSROOTS!" Founder & Host:

Truth Universal(New Orleans, LA) is the principle director of "GRASSROOTS!". With his political messages, traditional hiphop sensibilities, and progressive lyrical content, Truth Universal has remained a consistent talent and a true voice from the South for over a decade. While he calls the flourishing New Orleans hiphop underground home, Truth has an international perspective that he brings to his music through his birth and childhood in Diego Martin, Trinidad. Born Tajiri Kamau, Truth Universal.s family relocated to New Orleans at age four. Truth is a leader of the New Orleans hiphop scene, an outspoken voice for social change and consciousness, and an invaluable member of the New Orleans cultural economy and the greater international hiphop community.
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Resident DJ:
DJ Def D (